Welcome to Bridges to Hope!

Welcome to Bridges to Hope!

About Our Company

Welcome to Bridges to Hope!Bridges to Hope, LLC is a community mental health agency that is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health, certified by the Louisiana Secretary of State, and credentialed by CARF. As a provider of quality community mental health services, our fundamental commitment is to support and encourage participation, involvement and commitment as the central aspects of care.


Mission Statement

Bridges to Hope is committed to creating positive change by providing clinically sound, person-centered services to individuals and families.

Our Vision:

It is the vision of Bridges to Hope, LLC to improve the quality of life for people living with mental illness, helping them to reach for a brighter tomorrow. Our highly qualified professional staff is dedicated to motivating, inspiring, teaching, and embracing our consumers as we strive to improve quality of life by enhancing independence and resilience, normalizing our consumers’ experiences, and reducing the social stigma relating to mental illness.

Our Values:

Our clients are actively encouraged to set their goals and re-evaluate them throughout the course of treatment. We are committed to holistic care with the involvement of family, friends, and the client’s community support network whenever possible. Our holistic approach is outcome oriented and strength based, pursuing measurable outcomes in terms of improved health, reduction in need for acute treatment services and increased independence, productivity, and overall well-being.

At Bridges to Hope, LLC we understand that every individual is unique. We inspire families and individuals to achieve their dreams and goals by providing skills and education to enhance their physical, mental, and social well-being. Our services are designed to reach every individual where they are at, taking into consideration individual needs, strengths, and goals.

Bridges to Hope isn’t just a name, it’s who we are.

Our counselor assist with:

Identifying individualized goals and needs

Identifying personal strengths and values

Developing a plan to achieve goals and meet needs through provision of skills building, psychoeducation, counseling, and therapy and/or medication (if desired)

Plan for and address crises as they arise

Continually re-evaluate goals, needs, and treatment techniques to make the service as useful and meaningful as possible